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Brenna vom Brandherd 

Brenna is Cedar's half sister, and unfortunately never developed signature furnishings of a Deutsch Drahthaar which is also known as a slick coat.  Despite her coat being tight (short), it is thick, maintenance free, and does provide her with fairly decent protection from the elements of Makoshika.  Like Cedar, she is a very well mannered Drahthaar.  She is as quiet as a church mouse in the crate and kennel, and very calm in the house.  Brenna is a very consistent bird-finder in the field, and she uses her nose well and points very cautiously on wild prairie birds.  She is proficient in the water and is very trust worthy on any track.  She earned 72 points at the VJP and 167 points at the HZP.  Brenna is not a breeding female, and has been selectively placed in a hunting home in Wyoming.

$3000 (Sold)


Color: Schwsch




VJP: 72

HZP: 167


HD Rating:

OCD Frei:


NAVHDA NA 108 Prize I


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