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D Litter:

2 Schwsch Females

2 Brsch Females

2 Schwsch Males

3 Brsch Males Whelped

D Litter:

Cedar vom Brandherd x Cyrus vom Flooded Timber

(Due April 15th, 2020)

C Litter Flooded Timber.jpg

Cedar vom Brandherd

Color: Schwarzschimmel (Schwsch) (Black and Roan)

DOB: September 25, 2014

Form/Hair: 11/11

Height/Lenth: 62 cm/63 cm

VJP: 72

HZP: 185 


HD Rating: HDA 

OCD Frei: Yes 

Cedar is a quintessential prairie dwelling organism with a typical working range in open country of 100-250 yards; ideal for targeting wary and dispersed wild pheasant, grouse, and partridge.  She is the third Drahthaar I have owned and definitely the most balanced. She possesses a rare combination of intense prey drive AND nearly perfect manners in the crate, kennel, and home.  Additionally, she is a great citizen with all other dogs and people, despite her hardness on wild fur. Born in September of 2014, Cedar earned a 72 at the VJP in Amidon, ND in May, 2015. In October 2015, she scored 185 at the Oberlander HZP in Hugo, MN.  The Oberlander is a regional HZP hosted by JGV-USA; there she earned an 11 in the water due to the incredible duck search where she continuously expanded for over 15 minutes in a 40-50 acre vegetated wetland.  Despite being one of the youngest dogs at the test, she was assigned the rank of 4th out of 47 dogs who participated (which made her the highest overall ranking female Drahthaar at that test).  Her first season of hunting in North Dakota and Montana was very fruitful, with dozens and dozens of productive field searches, tracks, points, and retreives on wild prairie game birds. I have witnessed her to be loud on the scent and sight of fur.  She meets my expectations of expanding her terrestrial search to meet the demands of the terrain, always aware and respectful of the handler.  She points well and relocates often  on running roosters.  Towards the end of the 2015 hunting season, she began backing naturally without training pressure.  She possesses a maintenance free, hard, and dense coat which lies flat and has superior coverage and undercoat.  The endurance she has demonstrated to hunt throughout the day, weekend, and season is second to none.  Three days of hunting upland birds sun up to sun down is hardly a challange for her.



Cyrus vom Flooded Timber

Color: Braunschimmel (Brsch) (Brown and Roan)

DOB:  May 1st, 2017

Form/Hair: 10/11

Height/Lenth: 67 cm/67cm

VJP: 68

HZP: 166

VGP: 0

HD Rating: HDA 

OCD Frei: Yes 

NAVHDA: Utility Prize 1

Cyrus is one of the nicest Oska III Bockenhagen sons imo and he is also FF which will result in all of his puppies possessing beards.  He comes from a very hard driving litter with superior orthopedics and natural abilities with multiple 12s earned in testing among his litter-mates. His natural abilities of desire, nose, and point are especially apparent.  The B litter von Makoshika was Cedar to Oska (Cyrus's dad); I am thoroughly impressed by what Oska threw into this litter and expect more of the same from his son!  One shortcoming of the B litter is some of the pups are slick coated (lack furnishings), but the form, temperaments, natural abilities, and performance is excellent!  With Cyrus, we will get Gero IV vom Donaueck twice; once through Ferro vom Brundlfeld and once through Ero II del Zeffiro; all three of these hunting dogs are significant contributors to serious hunting dogs of prominent kennels both here domestically and abroad, some of the finest in the world.  I would expect the puppies to be very athletic (built to run all day/weekend), nose driven, and hard working/prey driven with very protective harsh coats.  Wild birds in North Dakota have already been put on notice.....they should be afraid of what is to come with this combo!



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