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Makoshika Honor Roll
(In Recognition of Dogs von Makoshika Who Achieved Breed Certification and Litters They Produced)

Balta von Makoshika:
(9/10- HD-A)
A Litter Chequamagon
B Litter Chequamagon 
(Braeya vom Chequamagon Oberlander Winner)

C Litter Chequamagon

Dutton (The Dragos) von Makoshika
(9/11) HD-B

Epping von Makoshika
(9/9) 6th Place Armbuster Finisher HD-A

Gilby von Makoshika
(8/8) 2nd Place 2023 Armbuster Finisher HD-A

Hope von Makoshika
(10/9) 21st Place 2023 Armbuster Finisher HD-A

Iroquois von Makoshika
(7/9) 33rd Place 2023 Armbuster Finisher HD-A

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