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Broadus von Makoshika 



Color: Brsch

DOB: May 7th, 2018

Form/Hair: 10/11

Height/Length: 63/63

VJP: 69

HZP: 184 + 0

VGP: 324- Prize 1, 4H in search without a duck

HD Rating:HD-A

OCD Frei: Yes

ED Frei: Yes


Marked Scent Loud

Furnishings genotype: FF

Broadus comes from a litter of healthy and very mentally robust drahthaars produced here at our very own kennel  in North Dakota.  Despite his raw prey drive and desire to work continuously, he is a very happy, non confrontational male and possesses exceptional pointing instincts for cagey wild game.  I have witnessed very few drahthaars with his level of desire; those who share it usually lack excellent pointing work that he possesses.  As he is observed moving, it is clear that he is properly built; he covers a lot of ground quick and effortlessly.  His high level of cooperation leads him to consistently work for the gun; after the shot, rest assured Broadus can and does work independently to make a recovery or die trying in the field, forest, or slough.   When not working Broadus is a dog who is enjoyable to live with because of his mental stability; he knows when to shut it off.   His coat is course, dense, and lays flat to his body making it very serviceable and desirable for any condition; it also contains pigment so dark it can be easily confused as scharztschimmel.   Because he is homozygous dominate (FF) for furnishings, he is guaranteed to throw puppies with furnishings.  To sum it up, he is an extremely powerful, robust, well balanced, high quality versatile hunting dog with HD-A rated hips with an ahnentafel filled with very powerful combinations!  I am extremely fortunate to have reached early success in my breeding carreer; Broadus has set the high watermark; he is the exact type I aim to produce moving forward.  

He is a product of two accomplished and compelling Drahthaars:

Cedar in Badlands.jpg

Oska II vom Bockenhagen and Cedar vom Brandherd

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