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E Litter:
5 Brsch Females
4 Brsch Males 

May 12th, 2021


Cooper vom Brandherd

Hildi vom Flooded Timber


Hildi at Breed Show.jpg

Please read more about Hildi on this website under "Our Drahthaars>Brood Bitches"


Cooper vom BrandherdIMG-6972.JPG

Color: Braunschimmel (Brsch) (Brown and Roan)

DOB: Sept 25th, 2014

Form/Hair: 11/11

Height/Length: 67/68

VJP: 69

HZP: 182 + 181


HD Rating: HDA 

OCD Frei: Yes 

ED Frei: Yes

vWD Frei: Yes


Go to the page on this website dedicated to Cedar vom Brandherd (his sister) through "Our Drahthaars>Brood Bitches" and read the description!  Cooper is the male version of Cedar.  The only slight differences includes Cooper obviously looking masculine, possessing a larger build, and having a superior off switch.  Cooper's off switch is the standard in which all others are measured against through my lenses.  I am surprised and actually generally embarrassed by the fact that other GNA breeders have not utilized this fantastic specimen, but am looking forward to helping him achieve his first litter.  I hope the pups live up to the breed standard and my expectations and can be used by others as a litmus test for what Cooper is capable of throwing.  I am looking forward to getting more rear assemblies that resemble Cooper's and Cedar's as I feel strongly that they are text book and exactly what I need for hunting upland birds in the vast expanse of the prairies and deserts of American west!


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