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F Litter: 
3 Brsch Males
3 Schwch Females
5 Brsch Females
May 20th, 2021

Christo II vom Fuchsberg

    Cedar vom Brandherd  


Christo II vom Fuchsberg Side
Picture of Cedar's Ahentafel.JPG

Christo II vom Fuchsberg

Color: Braunschimmel (Brsch) (Brown and Roan)

DOB: 25-12-2015

Form/Hair: 10/10

Height/Length: 67/69

VJP: 77

HZP: 193 o.SP

Hegewald: 221 m.sp (231 Hegewald Points)

VGP:316 Prize 1

HD Rating: HDA 

OCD Frei: Yes 

ED Frei: Yes

vWD Frei: Yes


Christo is an extremely well bred male who was born, trained, and tested in Germany and imported into the US as a breed certified male.  His genetics are very similar to Urs II vd Dachswiese, who is a breed certified stud I own, handle, hunt, and therefore know very well.  I have chosen him for one of Cedar's last litters because of several reasons including his geneotype of FF for furnishings; this means that each one of his puppies will have the desired phenotype which is an expression of furnishings (beard) because he is guaranteed to throw a dominant genetic allele into each pup.  He is known to be a male who is easy to live with and posses tremendous talent and power in the field and water.  The puppies produced by this pairing will not be for the faint at heart; they will be robust dogs both physically and mentally and will require handlers with ability and desire to lean into the dog.  They should be very cooperative and be plenty of dog to work with; I expect them to have very forgiving egos for heavy handling.  I have witnessed puppies sired by Christo from bitches who share similar genetic material with Cedar and have been very impressed with how they carry themselves which is large and in charge!  I have yet to witness a puppy from Cedar without tremendous drive to find prey so I am expecting no different with Christo.


Christo II vom Fuchsberg Ahnentafel.jpg
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