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H Litter: 
Driscoll x Gunner
Whelped Dec 6th, 2021
4 Females and 4 Males

Gunner II vom Buffetaler
(11/12 HDA)

Driscoll von Makoshika
(10/10 HDA)


Driscoll von Makoshika_edited.jpg
Driscoll von Makoshika Ahnentafel.jpg
Gunner II vom Buffeltaler.jpg

Gunner II vom Buffetaler

Color: Braun

DOB: May 14th, 2017

Form/Hair: 11/12

Height/Length: 63/34

VJP: 68

HZP: 178 o.sp + 147 o.sp

VGP:304TF Prize 1

HD Rating: HDA 

OCD Frei: Yes 

ED Frei: Yes

vWD Frei: Yes


Gunner is a very impressive specimen, with a fabulous ahnantafel, and tremendous track record of throwing puppies with great form, hair, performance, and mental stability.  As I was sifting through potential studs for Driscoll, I was focused on finding studs at or below the midpoint of the standard for height because although she is very very athletic, she is on the taller side of the scale.  Also Driscoll's coat could benefit from more density; Gunner has it in spades.  I want to maintain the calmness and power in the same package...both dogs are well equipped.  Driscoll's head needs more dimension, specifically a more pronounced stop; Gunner has it and throws it consistently.  Driscoll has the most elegant movement and I don't want to lose any of it; Gunner and many of his puppies also move with great industry and biological synchronization.  Gunner's talent is abundantly clear; he achieved a VGP prize I under the training and handling of a first time drahthaar owner/trainer/handler.....this is testament to the dog's natural ability as the VGP is the most strenuous versatile test on the face of the globe.  It takes two days to complete and a dog with a durable and sound mind!

Going back into his ahnentafel, you will find dogs like Kelly vom Fuchser and Isabella vom Duwelsbarg, who are responsible for an abundance of some of the breed club's most complete genetics domestically and abroad.  I will give you a hint, start by scanning the breed books with a focus on O litter Duwelsbarg, S litter Duwelsbarg, and U litter Duwelsbarg all stemming from similar ancestry...three puppies sired by Solo vom Duwelsbarg finished in the top 8 of 67 at the 2021 Armbruster and I was there to witness it.  I have spent significant amount of time with Solo; he is a fabulous stud also, which I intend on using with the right bitch....Driscoll is too tall to pair with him unfortunately.  This is just one example of why I am very pleased and confident to be pairing Driscoll with Gunner. 


Gunner II vom Buffeltaler Ahnentafel.jpg
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