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Forbes von Makoshika


Forbes at 8 weeks old

Forbes von Makoshika.jpg
Forbes 2.jpg
Forbes 3.jpg

Forbes von Makoshika

Color: Brsch

DOB: May 20th, 2021

ZB #: 247692


Height/Length:  Unofficially and approx: 63 cm tall and 64 cm tall and 60-65 lbs

VJP: Testing spring of 2022



HD Rating: 

OCD Frei: 


Forbes von Makoshika was my pick and breeding prospect for the kennels von Makoshika from my F Litter.  I have never owned a Drahthaar with a better coat.  It is medium length, harsh, dense, flat laying, and it covers her underside and leading edges to a degree of excellence.  Plus it carries dark pigment (a sign of good health).  Physically, she carries her self with little effort because her gate is smooth because her mechanics are correct.  She is very calm dog in the crate and kennel and she comes from a litter of very calm puppies; owners rave about them.  She is hard; at just 6 months old she engaged in a large coon and stayed engaged until the coon was overcome by her and her mother while out bird hunting in North Dakota.    She points reliably and has good field search; she stretches 30-90 yards consistently.  Sometimes she will make wider casts in open cover.  She is naturally very cooperative and trainable; by the time you contact me with an inquiry she will be fully force fetched.  She naturally likes and goes into the water.  She has 11 type nose work consistently.  She has 10 type track work consistently. 

She has seen roughly 150 wild birds as a young dog while hunting in 2021 and training in 2022.  Many of her litter mates have passed the VJP with respectable scores and are training for the HZP.  She will make someone a very very nice hunting companion  Call: 320 290 3190.

She is a product of two accomplished and compelling Drahthaars:

Cedar in Badlands.jpg
Christo II vom Fuchsberg Side Profile.jpg

Cedar vom Brandherd 11/11 and Christo vom Fuchsberg 10/10

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