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Dakota vom Flooded Timber


Color: Brsch

DOB: June 28th, 2017


Height/Length: Roughly 62/62

VJP: 67

HZP: 161


HD Rating: HD-A

OCD Frei: Yes


Clean Bite


Dakota has been hunted on wild birds in North Dakota and Minnesota for two seasons and is a very nice hunting dog.  She is an easy keeper in the crate and kennel; very mentally stable.  She gets along well with other dogs and our children. 

Dakota is always eager to please.  She hunts with cooperation and intensity, always for the gun.  She has plenty of prey drive and really rips in the field, and hunts closer in most circumstances.  She has the longest nose at my kennel, hunts with a high head, and points very well, relocating often on running birds.  Her ability to track is very suitable for the upland hunter needing to recover crippled fowl, additionally she is force fetched to ensure a clean delivery to hand.

Her movement is nearly impeccable in my opinion; its very very powerful, smooth, and unrestricted due to favorable orthopedic angles and balanced muscle mass.  Overall, her appearance is very stunning and distinguished as seen in the pictures I have posted.  Her coat lacks harshness, however it remains maintenance free due to the shorter length. 

Due to the timing of her birth, she faced the JGHV breed tests at a very young age.  She performed well with the exception of the duck search at her HZP in Gackle, ND in October.  The air temp was in the 30s F as well as the water temp.  I joke and say "Intelligence" should be an category added for evaluation because she would have scored off the charts for making the decision to not enter the ice cold water of the northern plains on my first command!!  Regardless, I was able to encourage her to cross the water and search the opposite bank at the cost of dropping scoring predicates.  Once she decided to mentally block out the cold and follow her instincts, she succeeded.  She produced the duck and retrieved it to hand.  I am proud she was one of a couple dogs who passed the test that weekend due to the tough conditions; many more failed than passed.

Dakota now resides on a prominent ranch in Bozeman, Montana where she hunts pheasant for her owner and his close friends and family.


$6500 -  SOLD

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