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Odile vom Rainmaker

Odile covers serious ground, possesses a long nose, and has fantastic pointing skills and manners behind game.  Her form allows her to seemingly float over the prairie.  Her hair is very dense and flat lying; it could be more harsh but remains very serviceable and attractive.  She demonstrates a high degree of desire and cooperation every time she comes out of the box; she hunts for the gun, not herself.  Her prey drive is very apparent and leads her to find downed fowl both on land and in the water.  She is, in fact, one of the most friendly drahthaars I have been around, and therefore makes a very trustworthy family member in a home with two young children.  On a side note, she has a very soft mouth while handling game; ruffed grouse are retrieved to the handler without a single blemish every time.  She breezed through her breed tests (VJP and HZP) with excellence.  As a result she made her first time handler look very impressive, which is a testament to her true natural abilities!


Unfortunately Odile's recovery from a car accident at a young age left her with injury induced HD and therefor she will not become breed certified.  We were very hopeful leading up to the radiographs because the HD does not visibly affect her gate.


Color: Schwsch

DOB: March 23rd, 2016



VJP: 71

HZP: 187

VGP: Potentially Testing 2018

HD Rating:

OCD Frei:


She is a product of two accomplished and compelling Drahthaars:

Hurricane vom Rainmaker and Jack II vom Liether-moor

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