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Eva vom Flooded Timber


ZB #: 236167

Color: Schwsch

DOB: January 6th, 2018

Form/Hair: 10/9

Height/Length: 58/60

VJP: 75

HZP: 166 + 177  


HD Rating: HD-A

OCD Frei: Yes


Eva vom Flooded Timber comes from a litter who have excelled at testing and hunting wild game.  When you review the breed books, it becomes clear that Eva is no exception to the talent being rendered from Z III Bockenhagen genetics.  Her father also comes from a litter of some of the nicest Drahthaars from the kennels vom Rainmaker imo.  She possesses a very athletic build which serves her very well while pursuing upland game, retrieving waterfowl from the marsh, and dispatching vermin; her movement is very fluid and strong.  Eva is wicked smart and has outstanding use of nose (she has B litter Donaueck twice in her ahnentafel); I have personally witnessed her pick up on game scent while hunting that numerous other dogs failed to acknowledge.  The outstanding nose work leads her to successfully find and point out game for a controlled shot from the gun.  It also allows her to dominate at any tracking work required after the shot.   These strengths make for a very lethal combination.  Her coat is course and very protective from the elements found in almost any hunting situation.  

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