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Puppy Placement:

Owner Responsibility:


Owning a versatile hunting dog is a demanding yet rewarding lifestyle; it is not a hobby.  Without proper planning, the day dream of owning a cute and cuddly puppy can quickly fade into a nightmare as the dog reaches maturity because it will require routine exercise and consistent, alpha discipline.  I am only interested in placing Drahthaars von Makoshika in forever homes that are committed to the following:


  • safe and healthy hospitality for the puppy

  • properly socializing the puppy to people and other dogs

  • a lifestyle of wildlife conservation through hunting



Makoshika Testing Incentive Program (M-TIP):


As a breeder, objective feedback is vital to assess the outcomes of each pairing.  Those homes who commit to testing their puppy in the first two JGHV tests (VJP and HZP) will be recognized for their commitment upon successful completion of each test through the Makoshika Testing Incentive Program (M-TIP).  Success in the VJP is considered 65 points or more.  Success in the HZP is considered 175 points or more.  M-TIP is designed as a good faith gesture to offset the costs of each test for puppy owners.  In addition to the monetary rewards of M-TIP, testing will ensure your puppy will be better prepared for any hunting situation encountered in the field, marsh, or forest, and that is priceless! 


The elements of the tests replicate typical hunting situations, therefore testing is just like hunting, only with official judges watching and assessing the expressed traits of your dog simultaneously.  Undoubtedly, testing will develop the full potential of both the handler and the dog, but ultimately the choice is yours to make. 


For a description of the JGHV Hunt Tests, visit



Total Cost of Puppy von Makoshika:


$1500 buys you my best intentions and effort at producing the very finest hunting companion.  If you successfully participate in the M-TIP program with your puppy, the final cost may be as low as $1000.

A $500 refundable deposit is required to hold a spot for a puppy.  If the litter is not able to provide a puppy which meets the expectation of sex or color preference, a full refund will be provided.


Placement of puppies will be according to sex and color preference as well as the owners' commitment to test in JGHV, handling experience and ability, and hunting preferences/style.

Please submit your information below if you are interested in learning more about owning a pup von Makoshika and want to be considered for puppy placement.  After submitting the information, I will provide a complementary personal consultation regarding your goals/aspirations to see if a puppy from my kennel maybe a good fit for you.


Gender Preference
Color/Hair Preference (Check all that apply):
Attitude Preference:
Your Testing Experience (Click all that apply)

Thanks for submitting!

  Please be patient as I will respond with a phone call or email at my next convenience.

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