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Hildi vom Flooded Timber

Hildi at Breed Show.jpg
Hildi Furnishings Photo.jpg


Color: Braun

DOB: May 27th, 2019

Form/Hair: 9/10

Height/Length: 59 cm / 60 cm

VJP:  Covid Emergency Tracking Test: 3

HZP:  174


HD Rating: HD-A

OCD Frei: Yes



Hildi has developed in to a powerful game finding bitch at a relatively young age.  She is a very animated dog with very sweet and stable disposition.  She was a treat to prepare for the VDD breed tests (VJP and HZP) because her natural abilities were so complete and well rounded.  In the fall of 2020, Hildi consistently demonstrated a very powerful, thorough, and far reaching field search which earned her a more permanent position at my kennel.  I hunt vast and wild places, and dogs who do not do exceptional field work are placed with hunters with different expectations; Hildi is not one of those dogs.  Her coat is 100% serviceable; her big beard is the only element that collects debris. 

She is a product of two accomplished and compelling Drahthaars:


Aika IV v. Bockenhagen and Choco v. Flooded Timber

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