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For Sale: Brenna vom Brandherd

Brenna is a 3 1/2 year old female Deutsch Drahtahaar and a very nice hunting dog with a great nose. Her ability to track wounded game is second to none. She has hunted wild birds her whole life and has likely pointed well over 500. She is steady to shot and force fetched. A natural backer and very cautious pointer, she makes a fantastic hunting companion on cagey game. She is a quiet dog; she does not bark in the kennel or crate. She has very good feet for a healthy and full weekend of hunting. Her temperament is good with other dogs and children. She will retrieve fowl from the water, however her first love is searching, pointing, and retrieving upland game. She does not meet the very stringent standards of my breeding program because she lacks furnishings (signature beard and eyebrows of the DD).

You may review her JGHV and NAVHDA test scores, along with more pictures of her at

She will be selectively placed in a hospitable, hunting home.

Thanks for your interest.

Please contact Benjamin Leo Sand at 320 290 3190 or with inquires.

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